Sapa Valley

Sapa hill tribe girl

Visiting different minority ethnic groups who live in remote area, spending a night in a home-stay of a Red Dzao family; enjoy beautiful scenery along the trip. Itinerary: Day 1:...

Sapa Visit

Sapa Visit

Sapa terrace field

Visit the Black H’mong ethnic in Cat Cat and Y Linh Ho  villages. Enjoy the sceneries along the way trekking and the waterfall in Cat Cat, Lao Chai village with Tay and Dzay...

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Top things to do

Top 5 things to do in Sapa town during your stay here, they are the visit the hill tribes, trekking along Muong Hoa valley, bath the herbal

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Top hotels

Top 5 hotels in the town, which is the best for travel with your kids, best for newly married couple, business man or a single person

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Top restaurants

Top 5 restaurants in the town that our customers from Australia, America pick up, get an open-air restaurant or try local food in the markets.

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Nguyen Susana

Nguyen Susana


Last month, My husband and I booked online the tour Sapa Homestay Adventure through Sapa Travel , so we had a bit worries for services and preparation . But, when we arrive Vietnam, everything happened as the itinerary plan.

We started our tour with overnight on the King Express, one VIP cabin just for us, very clean and luxury, we had a private space for the first night. We really enjoy King Express Train.

Arriving Sapa, the natural scene at here was wonderful . So nice and peaceful, they made us as being paradise. And it made us most content is stay overnight with a local family in Ta Van and have our dinner here. The people is friendly and kind, through guider, they taught us made dinner, sing traditional song. Although having difference from language, we had a funny night.

That is perfect, We will recommend Sapa Travel for our friends and return in next holiday.


Thomas Montier

Thomas Montier

Electric Design

Day one of trekking in Sapa. After breakfast, we make our way downstairs to the lobby, ready to leave. Outside, the ladies of the Black H’Mong are already waiting for us. We were warned about this, so it’s not too much of a shock. The women will follow us throughout our trek, offering assistance, making conversation, and then when we reach the end, several hours later, they will try to sell us everything they’ve got. Still, I wonder how exactly they know that we’re scheduled for a trek. I guess somebody involved in our home stay gives them the inside track.

I look around at all the others, kitted out in their gear. I feel a little unprepared. I have a waterproof jacket, sure, but one of the most important details is missing. Looking down at my white Lonsdale running shoes (17.99 from Debenhams), I wonder if it might have been wise to invest in proper walking boots. Fuck it. At worst my feet will get wet, and I will get a dangerous fungal disease. I will receive good medical treatment well, H’Mong before it has the time to spread upwards, to regions of more importance.

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