Cuisine Restaurant Sapa

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Cuisine Restaurant Sapa

Cuisine Restaurant Sapa

Restaurant: Sapa Cuisine Restaurant
Address: 535 Victoria Hotel Alley, Xuan Vien St
Tel: +84-(20)-387-1535

Just like its name, Sapa Cuisine Restaurant has been opened in hope of introducing Sapa’s gastronomy to tourists from all over Vietnam and the world. Food is cooked in traditional home style by passionate local chefs, helping the customers gain the best experience with Sapa’s dishes.

The organic ingredients are from local suppliers as the owner wants to make sure of the quality of the healthy food. Sapa Cuisine Restaurant’s menu changes according to season, but still keeps the board selection of both Vietnamese and Western specialties such as hot pot, beef and chicken with Sapa mushroom and vegetables. Besides three main meals, the restaurant also serves lunch boxes and picnic meals, ready for customers to take away before starting their trip. The full menu is available in their official website, and the price is very reasonable in comparison with average.

Sapa Cuisine is designed in luxurious style, catching natural light in summer and being heated by fireplace in winter. Professional and friendly, the staff members will make your meal here an memorable experience.

From the beginning of Sapa, go straight until you reach a cutting point of the two roads. The restaurant is on Xuan Vien St and close to this intersection

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