This page will show you some sample short excursions around Sapa (1 or 2 days), long trekking tours in Hoang Lien Son Range, package travel from Hanoi, tours in North of Vietnam or you may book the whole package in Vietnam

Sapa Tours will be lead by our professional in-house guides of Sapa Travel

Please contact us to have a customized trip to Sapa, Lao Cai

Hanoi- Sapa Tour Package (start and end in Hanoi)

Going to Bac Ha by bus, 3 days 2 nights, starting Friday, US$ 150

terrace view trek

terrace view trek

Village Trek, 3 days 4 nights

Off the beaten track, 3 days 4 nights

Market Tour, 2 days 3 nights

Home Stay, 2 days 3 nights (in Ta Van)

Home Stay, 2 days 3 nights (in Ban Ho)

Fansipan Mount Trek, 4 days 5 nights

 Budget Tour, 2 days 3 nights

Budget Home Stay, 3 days 4 nights

Luxury Tour on the week day (except Saturday)

Weekend Luxury Tour, starting Friday

Weekend Luxury Bac Ha Market Tour, starting Friday

Weekend Luxury Bac Ha and Coc Ly, starting Friday

Sapa and Halong Bay combined

We will use Red Dragon Cruise to combine the tours to Sapa: Sapa and Red Dragon

Other option to cruise Halong Bay and visit Sapa


Excursions in Sapa (start and end in Sapa Town)

Terrace View, 1 day

Ta Phin village, 1 day

Home Stay, in Lao Chai with H’mong family, 2 days 1 night

Home Stay, in Ta Phin with Red Dzao family, 2 days 1 night

Home Stay in Lao Chai & Ban Ho, 3 days 2 nights

Home Stay in Ma Tra and Ta Chai, 3 days 2 nights

 Ultimate trek, 4 days 3 nights


Fansipan Trek from Sapa (start and end in Sapa Town)

Fansipan, 1 day

valley sapa

valley sapa- trekking view

Fansipan, 2 days 1 night

Fansipan, 3 days 2 nights


Market Days (start and end in Sapa)

Sunday: Bac Ha Market

Monday: Phong Hai Market

Tuesday: Coc Ly Market

Wednesday: Cao Son Market

Thursday: Lung Khau Nhin Market

Friday: No markets

Saturday: Can Cau Market


Type of tours that Sapa Travel can arrange on your request

– Adventure Tours in Sapa

– Honeymoon holiday in Sapa

– Educational tours in Sapa

– Active Travel in Sapa

– Travel for businessman

– Cultural exploration in Sapa

– Field trip in Sapa

– First class travel Sapa

– Grand Tour in Vietnam

– Walking in Sapa

– Agritourism in Sapa

– Bicycle touring Sapa

– Garden tourism in Sapa

– Halal tourism Sapa

– Motorcycle touring Sapa

– Sustainable tourism‎ Sapa

– Volunteer travel, Wildlife tourism

Please contact us for details of all Sapa Tours‎

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